Q: I have just moved into new premises what would you advise?
A: The first thing we advise is to change the locks, so you know you are the only persons allowed to gain access to your property. We can carry out a full security survey while we are there and recommend any further security measures.

Q: What are the benefits in installing a intruder alarm?
A: The main benefits is to deter an intruder targeting your property with a fully operational system, if they do, it limits the time they are at your property, the system then lets you know what has happened.

Q: I am thinking of getting a safe fitted in my property, I’m not sure were to fit it?
A: We install a wide range of safes in a discreet and convenient location for your needs. We would carry out a full site survey and find the best location in your property to install the safe.

Q: I have heard Intruders target keys once they have broken into the premises. How can I protect my premises and car keys?
A: We supply and install a number of safe products one of which is a key safe, so you can protect your keys in a discreet location in your property.

Q: I do not have a garage but have off street parking on my drive. How can provide better protection for my vehicle?
A: We supply and install CCTV and security lighting which would be fitted in front of your property to monitor and protect your vehicle.

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